Rocket Odyssey

Rocket Odyssey

Rocket Odyssey

If you love Flappy Bird, don’t hesitate to give Rocket Odyssey a try! In this game, instead of a cute little bird, you get to control a rocket whose movement is strangely similar to the iconic one we all know and love (or hate)! Put your timing skills to good use and see what your best score is!

Rocket Odyssey features simple yet addictive gameplay. All you need to do is find the right timing and jump past the gap made by pairs of obstacles! The game can be as addictive as it is infuriating, making it hard for players to stop. How far will you be able to progress before inevitably crashing into an obstacle in Rocket Odyssey?

How To Play

  • Desktop tap the left button of mouse to fly.
  • Mobile Tap on thescreen to fly.
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