Runner Master 3d

Runner Master 3d

Runner Master 3d

Get ready for the most thrilling running game ever with Runner Master 3D! In this game, players are put into a mysterious dimension full of futuristic platforms, and the only way to exit is by reaching the dark portal in front of them! Collect the blue diamond to unlock the portal, jump past various obstacles, and complete all the levels in this exciting game!

Runner Master 3D is a challenging yet addictive running game set in the first-person perspective. Players begin by jumping from one platform to the next in order to reach the other side of the track and arrive at the portal. However, before they can step through the portal and progress to the next level, players need to collect the blue diamonds scattered on the track!

How To Play

  • Control the character with the WASD keys.
  • Jump with the spacebar.
  • Look around by moving the mouse.
  • Restart the level with the R key.
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