Only Up!

Only Up!

Only Up!

Only Up! is a fresh, new, and engaging 3D adventure game that will take you on a thrilling trip to unprecedented heights! Explore a wide, open environment filled with strange structures.

You play as a young kid named Jackie who wants to get out of a stone jungle by climbing to the top of a vertical maze. Show how skilled and quick-witted you are by getting past the dangerous obstacles that can quickly bring you back down to earth. As you continue, you will face new problems that will drive you to make risky choices. Jump over hundreds of floating items in the air, ranging from rusted metal pipes to train locomotives. There will also be mattresses that may be utilized as a useful springboard, enabling you to leap to practically any height. Discover various hilarious allusions and hidden sequences that will allow you to greatly shorten the passage time. Remember that there are no save points in the game, so if you fail, you must restart your climb.

How To Play

  • Move - WASD
  • Jump - Space
  • Pause - P Restart
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