Vex 6

Vex 6

Vex 6

Welcome to the sixth installment of the hugely popular series, Vex 6, where you will once again face challenging levels filled with sly traps. Are you set to consider command of the brave stickman and show his acrobatic talents while gaining various achievements?
To be successful in this game, you must overcome dangerous spikes, found blades, and a number of other challenges. If you have played the prior games in the series, you will be familiar with what to expect in this fascinating new installment. The goal is to finish each level by achieving the endpoint. In this game, levels are known as serves, and there are multiple acts to complete. You unlock the hardcore mode for an act after finishing it, which includes more deadly roadblocks so that you can overcome them. To go around, run, jump, crouch, and wall membrane climb, use the WASD tips. You may slide and show up off a platform, or you may miscalculate your movements and crash into a noticed blade or leap into sharp spikes. At these times, your personality will die, and you'll have to restart the particular level right from the start. So, keep an eye out for flagpoles. These provide as checkpoints, of course, if you perish, you can respawn at the previous one you activated. All the best!


How To Play

On keyboard use the Arrow-keys or WASD-keys to move your character around.
On mobile use the left/right arrow buttons and Jump/Slide on the screen.

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