Butcher Warehouse

Butcher Warehouse

Butcher Warehouse

Butcher Warehouse lets you run your farmette, meat-processing plant, and butcher shop. Players must learn all aspects of operating a company. This includes planting and harvesting, raising and killing cattle, providing the market with food and related products, operating the register and recruiting staff. They are primarily trying to establish a profitable business.

To begin the game, players must pick up the maize at the market and take it there. They use leftover maize for raising chicks as chickens. The player can engage a Cashier once they have amassed enough funds. You can install a machine which uses a conveyor to slaughter and pick up live chickens.

You can complete all processing and inventory chores by ordering the stickman on to gray-colored floor areas. Guide the stickman to white-framed sections which show the money required for expansion and marketing of the warehouse.

Butcher Warehouse offers the opportunity to enhance the speed and capacity of your stickman by using the revenue earned through sales. The player must first raise the cows to get this feature before paying for it.

How To Play

You can use your mouse to play this game.

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