Drac & Franc

Drac & Franc

Drac & Franc

Celebrate the spooky season with Drac & Franc, an engaging platformer game that you can play with your friend! Take control of a pair of monstrous creatures, Dracula and Frankenstein, as they work together in order to escape what seems to be an abandoned mine! Avoid touching dangerous obstacles and creatures, collect the items, and reach the end of each level with both of them!

Drac & Franc offers a series of unique levels for those who love platform games. In each level, players will have to work together to figure out the path for both of them to reach the exit after having collected the items relevant to each monster. Dracula can stand on top of Frankenstein to reach higher places, while Frankenstein can push heavy boxes. Avoid dangerous obstacles such as spikes and complete all levels of Drac & Franc!

How To Play

  • Control Dracula with the WASD keys.
  • Control Frankenstein with the arrow keys.
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