Emilys Home Sweet Home

Emilys Home Sweet Home
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Game Description

  • Description:

    Welcome to the Emilys Home Sweet Home game, where you can reunite with an old friend, Emily. Beauty has been in the business of serving food for many years. She povstvrechat with her loved ones, got married, and had Paige. While caring for her children, the young woman worked. After gaining expertise, she opened her own cafe. However, the fire destroyed the structure. The main character doesn't lower her bow, however. She instead opens an open-air café to make a lot of money and raise funds for repairs. Help the determined and adventurous girl in the game Delicious Emily Sweet Home. You can take your guests and give them fast food, depending on their nose size. Emily's family will slowly get involved in cleaning up. Even the little girls will be able contribute to the pile of denezhek for the detuning. New dishes and other commodities will start to emerge gradually. Make sure to respond promptly to all requests to earn three gold stars. These funds can be used to repair and improve the heroine's current working conditions and abilities.

    How to play

    Serve the all the visitors the food they request by clicking or tapping the ingredients.

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