Fishing 3 Online

Fishing 3 Online

Fishing 3 Online

Welcome to Fishing 3 Online! To keep the fish alive on each level, you will need to transport the water to its location. You will help the fish by giving it water so that it can live. Drag your mouse across the ground to make tunnels. Then click on the wheels and water will start flowing. Once there is enough water, the level can be cleared. However, you should try to build the tunnels so that the water flows through the stars.

There are 24 stages to the game. As you progress through them, their difficulty level will increase. You should carefully consider all options before you act. Your performance on each level will determine whether or not you get 1, 2, or three stars.

How To Play

PC controls: Use the mouse to select the objects.

Mobile controls: Touch the screen to select the objects.

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