Hacker Rush

Hacker Rush
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Game Description

  • Description:

    Hello, and thank you for joining Hacker Rush, an extremely enjoyable running game. You will need to acquire Bitcoins, pizzas, or hard drives in order to advance your level as a hacker. This will take you from the level of noob to black hat, and eventually, hopefully, to the level of expert. Be cautious to avoid anything that seems harmful, including law enforcement agents, anti-virus software, other hackers, thieves, and anything else that may potentially provide an impediment or a trap. It is in your best interest to prevent them from depleting both your XP bar and your level. This is due to the fact that at the conclusion of each run, you will be required to do a hack in order to rescue a person, such as a lady who was robbed during the first rush, and the higher your level, the better you will be at performing hacks. Let's start all this fun now!

    How to play

    Use mouse to control character.




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