Impostor vs noob

Impostor vs noob

Impostor vs noob

Welcome to Impostor vs noob! In this game, you play as a spy who has to kill all the enemies on a level to move on to the next level. An exciting journey in the world of cubes, with lots of fun levels, characters, and game play. Take this task and learn how to fake like a pro!


  • Shoot the noobs with a pistol
  • Fun physics that makes every level unforgettable
  • 100+ varied and colorful levels
  • Different biomes: grass, sand, snow, lava, lucky blocks, ocean and much more!

How To Play


  • Navigation keys - Move back and forth left and right
  • WASD - Toggle forward and backward forward and backward
  • Space - Jump
  • Shift - Run
  • Ctrl - Sit
  • Type - Chat
  • Esc - Menu


  • Move your finger up and down from left to right to move the character
  • Jump Button - Jump
  • Sit - Sit Button
  • Chat Button - Chat
  • Menu Button - Menu
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