Mine Cart Noob

Mine Cart Noob

Mine Cart Noob

Mine Cart Noob is a fun, Minecraft-inspired distance game. You can be a bad person and drag your shopping cart down and up the hill. Fly over many obstacles to help Steve get to his house and perform great feats.

Your mission is to help Steve, a newbie, get to his home. It is only 10km away. Gravitation will take over. Use a variety tricks to amaze the crowd and earn extra cash. Make the most of every penny you earn to increase your cart and learn new techniques until you reach your goal.

You could also learn up to five feats including Superman's Jumper, Superman's Backflip, Handtake and Bat. A certain amount of points will be earned if you do a stunt while you are in the air. You can combine these techniques with cart movement or additional tricks to increase profit. The distance covered, the height attained, and the number picked are all factors that determine the amount of money you receive after each attempt. You can see all of your stunts, trinkets and achievements, as well as the difficulties you've overcome.

How To Play

PC Controls:
  • Use the arrow keys to move forward, backward or rotate.
Mobile Controls:
  • Use the game buttons to move forward, backward or rotate.
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