Mining Rush 3D Underwater

Mining Rush 3D Underwater

Mining Rush 3D Underwater

Explore the depths of the ocean with Mining Rush 3D Underwater! As an underwater miner, your role is to discover new resources and find different ways to harness them into something useful to continue your adventure! Collect the resources by yourself or automate the process to make the whole process easier!

Mining Rush 3D Underwater is a highly addictive incremental idle game with simple controls and premises. This time, the ocean will become an uncharted territory for miners. As players progress deeper and deeper, they will discover new sources of energy and machines using the energy, either to unlock additional features or to help the miner advance even deeper. Do you have what it takes to discover what’s hidden in the deepest parts of the ocean with Mining Rush 3D Underwater?

How To Play

  • Control the underwater mine by dragging the left mouse button.
  • Click on the resources to mine them.
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