My Craft: Craft Adventure

My Craft: Craft Adventure

My Craft: Craft Adventure

My Craft: Craft Adventure features a young crafter who is lost in a wooded labyrinth. Your job is to guide the youngster through the difficulties and out of the labyrinth. You will meet evil creatures on the way that must be destroyed. If you are a fan of the craft game, you will love this game.

Its unique and charming visual style is characterized by its pixelated graphics. Because of the user-friendly controls, you can easily run, construct, or explore. You'll find more than 100 levels to keep you entertained.

How To Play

  • Use the left and right buttons to control the character's direction; tap the up arrow to make him leap; tap the attack button to have the artisan destroy the adversary; collect wood to use in the construction of your own boat.
  • Get as many coins as you can to buy new Craftsman skins and try to get all three stars for the best prizes. Use all the buttons at once to guide the Craftsman through the maze.
  • Keep your balance and watch your step so you don't end up in the river.
  • Explore the forest and locate the exit.
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