Noob Hero Attitude

Noob Hero Attitude
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Game Description

  • Description:

    Noob Hero Attitude is one of the most innovative and exciting games in the Minecraft Games Collection. Tap to jump between walls and Noob will slide on the walls of his buildings. Your taps should be timed so that the sword can be used to cut other Minecraft characters trapped on the rope. Your score will go up the more you move among them. To collect coins, you must also jump to get them. They can be used to boost your general stats and to purchase new avatar skins. You can also use them to improve your agility and game-handling skills. Avoid landing on spikes or other potentially dangerous traps in order to avoid losing your game and having to start over. You will enjoy success and joy!

    How to play

    PC controls: Use mouse left click to jump.

    Mobile and Tablet controls: Touch the screen to jump.




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