Noob VS Evil Granny

Noob VS Evil Granny
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Game Description

  • Description:

    Noob will need your assistance on this adventure in Noob vs. Evil Granny. Your hero will be equipped with weapons when he enters the home. Use the control keys to force him to enter secretly. Have a look around. The Evil Granny is not the only one in the house. There are also the living dead. They guard the home and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. You must aim your gun at a zombie if you spot it. A bullet that strikes a zombie will cause it to die. This will earn you points in Noob versus Evil Granny. You can also collect the trophies that are dropped by zombies.

    How to play

    • W A S D to walk around
    • Mouse to Look around
    • Left Mouse Button to Fire
    • Right Mouse Button to Aim
    • Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons
    • G for Grenades
    • R to Reload
    • F to Pickup Items
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