Noob Vs pro 1

Noob Vs pro 1
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Game Description

  • Description:

    In this remastered version of the first episode of the series, Noob Vs. pro 1, you will face off against Hacker. You are the expert, and a newbie is following you through your trip. The noob won't be of any service to you other than to take damage for you. As part of your mission to locate and face Hacker, you will need to dispatch of a large number of foes and use the money you acquire to level up both of your characters. If you want to go farther into the adventure and find out what more is waiting for you, you need to reach the checkpoints. In order to complete the game, your protagonist will come face to face with a God, engage in combat with another God, travel a considerable distance in a vehicle, and ultimately face off against the Cheater. The finest Pros may test their skills with the Speedrun modification, which keeps track of the amount of time it takes to complete the game.

    How to play

    Use the Arrow keys \ WASD to control the game. If you are playing from a phone, just tap the buttons on the screen.




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