Penguin Hop

Penguin Hop
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Game Description

  • Description:

    Penguin Hop is one among the best Winter Games. The goal is to travel through the region and not die. To move ahead, use Up Arrow key. To strafe laterally use the Left or Right Arrow keys. If a car strikes you, your progress will be instantly reset. The same thing happens when you plunge into water. Jump aboard a boat that appears to be heading to the opposite end of a canal. There is no time restriction to worry about. You don't have to rush, so take your time and think through everything before taking action. Additional points will be earned by collecting things. You can continue to try and survive despite every odds.

    A new coat of paint can transform a timeless classic into something modern. Enjoy a wonderful winter trip and discover the possibilities. You will be able to enjoy beautiful winter landscapes as well as the winter atmosphere. Play Penguin Hop free of charge without the need to download anything

    How to play

    • Tap or click PLAY to begin. Select a fun and friendly name as your player name. Choose PLAY NOW to join a player’s game or select CREATE to start one of your own.
    • As a capital city is displayed, use your mouse to click or tap on the iceberg with the matching state shape and name. Keep hopping until your penguin reaches the finish line.
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