Push Noob

Push Noob
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Game Description

  • Description:

    Push Noob is one of our favorite games and we wouldn't hesitate to include it in the Minecraft Games section. In each level, you will find the Noob on a platform and will be able fire balls at the Noob to push him, causing him to fall. The further he falls, you will get more points.

    To unlock new places and maps, you can earn gems. This will allow you to continue having fun and making progress. Let's start right away, it's very simple, and if your friends think they would enjoy this experience, you can share it with them!

    How to play

    • Control for PC: Shooting snowballs – click the left mouse button; Moving the camera – hold down the right mouse button and rotate; Moving away and approaching the camera – rotate the mouse wheel.
    • Management for the phone: Shooting snowballs – click on the screen; Moving the camera – tap on the screen and rotate without releasing it.
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