Raid Heroes: Total War

Raid Heroes: Total War

Raid Heroes: Total War

Raid Heroes: Total War is a new strategy, war and tower defense game that combines clicker and idle elements. It takes place in a medieval world, where humans are fighting against orcs and other creatures. Your brilliance will help you defeat this fantasy threat to the human race!

To ensure that opposing orcs win, you must correctly place your hero at the beginning of every battle. Battle after battle will increase the size of opposing forces, so it's amazing that you can acquire and deploy more soldiers as you win battles.

You'll be able deploy warriors from a variety classes. Each class will have its own tactics and skills for attacking and defending. You should be keen to strengthen and improve your heroes for the forthcoming conflicts.

To increase your strength and improve your castle, you should also complete objectives. You can also purchase weapons and upgrades from the store, which will allow you to win any battle.

How To Play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the in-game UI.

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