Rails and Stations

Rails and Stations
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Game Description

  • Description:

    Welcome to Rails and Stations! You can spend your time mining resources or building railroads. Collect wood, iron, sand, electricity and watermelons in order to sell them at stations and make money. Cut down trees for resources such as iron that you can trade for rails which will help your trains travel faster on the tracks. Buy dynamite if there are parts of the map with obstacles so you won't have any delays while waiting for a train! Expand your island by exploring it so that you may find new sources of materials-and be able to sell everything at different stations too.

    How to play

    You can control the little man on the keyboard using the arrow keys, or use the mouse. Press the right button and do not let go and the man will run behind the cursor. Resources are extracted automatically when you go to them. If you play on the keyboard, then to enter tractor mode or other mode, use the Enter key.



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