Spider Swing Manhattan

Spider Swing Manhattan
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Game Description

  • Description:

    Spider Swing Manhattan is a fun skill game where you aim to stay upright for as long as possible without falling over the rooftops.

    You can take inspiration from Peter Parker, the comic book hero, and show that you too can navigate the dangerous urban jungle with only your webbed feet. To launch yourself to the blue breakpoints on structures, you can use spider threads. This can be done using the mouse or by touching the screen and holding. You can swing as far as you like by letting go the screen or mouse. New York City is an amazing metropolis due to all its tall skyscrapers. You should be cautious and avoid emergency exits and air conditioners.

    You can break the world record for the longest distance covered by an airborne object by covering more ground in a single leap of meters. How far can Spider Swing Manhattan take you in the air? You can always play more games later to improve your superpowers, even if you don’t get very far in the beginning.

    How to play

    Shoot webs and swing through the city.




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