Squid Sniper Game

Squid Sniper Game

Squid Sniper Game

Squid Sniper Game is a game where players are divided into two groups: the red light group and the green light group. The goal of the game is to shoot those who are still in motion at the moment they stop moving while aiming not to hit other players. On one side of you, there will be many moving participants from which you have to choose - move forward or back? When playing this new squid game with its suspenseful sounds that go off when someone's about to die (when your point multiplier increases), please don't forget our rules- You must only signify if a player moved left or right! Only certain people can earn points for their performance- so make sure it counts by focusing on shooting them down without fail!!!

How To Play

Mouse lock/unlock = L

Sniper moves = Mouse

Zoom = Right click

Fire = Left click

Zoom in/out = Mouse Wheel

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