Subway FPS

Subway FPS
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Game Description

  • Description:

    Subway FPS is a first-person shooter that lets you take your weapon into your city's darker corners to battle terrorists. You can play this first-person shooting game to explore the maze-like stations of train stops, find out how far you are able to go before being shot, and defend your city by killing several enemies.

    Assume the role of the national force and eliminate all the enemies that are infesting the train stops. As you start with your own weapon, it's easier to start searching for enemies than looking for another gun. Be sure to check your surrounding area carefully for anyone who may be shooting. Be on the move. You will be easier to assault if you remain still. While you are looking for an opportunity to engage the terrorists, crawl behind a wall and hide. You can take shots, run back to the cover, and reload. Keep doing this until you kill your enemy. Once the current wave has passed, find and eliminate all threats. Prepare for the following one. To complete the tasks and find the medkits you need to stay alive, search the lower floors. Shoot better and faster to break your personal record.

    How to play

    Use "W, A, S, D" to move, the spacebar to jump, "C" to crouch, "L" to lock the cursor, and "R" to reload.

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