Unicycle Mayhem

Unicycle Mayhem
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Game Description

  • Description:

    Unicycle Mayhem is the game that kicks off the fight between the ragdoll puppet fighters. These ragdolls try to balance on a single-wheel bike. The ground has been prepared with destructible components, and it disappears piece by piece when you strike it. Your goal is to destroy the floor or bricks on which your opponent stands and then knock him down. You will win the matches if you earn five points. Let the battle for the unicycle puppets begin!

    How to play

    If playing single:

    Move: "A, D" or "LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS"
    Shoot: "SPACE"

    If playing 2 players:

    • Player 1

    Move: "A, D"
    Shoot: "G"

    • Player 2

    Shoot: "L"

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