World Of Fighters: Iron Fists

World Of Fighters: Iron Fists
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Game Description

  • Description:

    World Of Fighters: Iron Fists offers a thrilling action game in an urban metropolis that is rife with crime and violence. You and your Iron Fists team must clear the streets of gangs and thugs and bring order back to them. Iron Fists members work out of law and use their talents to help bring criminals and thugs to justice. The game requires you to be quick on your feet and skilled in hand-tohand combat. You also need to be ready for any challenges that come your way. Each task in the game becomes more challenging as you progress. You'll have to use both your intellect and fighting skills in order to defeat waves of enemies, such as bosses who each employ their own unique combat technique. As you progress through the game, new characters will be unlocked. Each character has their own set of abilities and limitations. As you progress through the game, you'll be able upgrade your equipment and weapons to make yourself even more deadly on the battlefield. Be warned, the city will not be for those who are weak-hearted. Always keep an eye out for your back, as opponents can attack from all directions. As you approach the Titans, the battles become more intense.

    How to play

    Use arrow key to move Z to punch X to kick C to defend Space to Jump Double tap left or right and z or x to perform special attack!

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