Zombie Road

Zombie Road
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Game Description

  • Description:

    Zombie Road is an endless, free driving game. You have no power to stop the zombie apocalypse. It is best to flee your home town. You will need to smash your way through the zombie swarms blocking the roads and stop people fleeing. Be cautious! But be careful! It's true, the apocalypse arrived and there is no turning back. Your neighbors will be just as eager as you to get out of town, and they will be just as braindead-cruel as the zombies.

    Pay attention to other cars, as they may cut you off and intentionally chare into your car. Your only chance of survival will be to outmaneuver them. Are you sure you have the skills to take down everyone and win the leaderboard? This is your chance for you to prove your value. Race on the streets in a new racing gorefest. You will be able to dodge trash zombies and automobiles while you try to live a better life at the edge of society. Zombie Road offers free racing and avoidance games that put you behind the wheel of a car and puts you up against the zombie horde.

    How to play

    On mobile use your finger to steer the car either left or right. On desktop use the Left or Right arrow keys to control the car. Get to know the tracking and response rate of your car. Save points to upgrade, and watch out for Stars - they actually minus from your core. Also, beware of the fellow humans who will swerve to hit you head-on.




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